Weight Loss Coaching

Shed those unwanted pounds in a healthy and sustainable way. Stop yo-yo dieting and reach your goal weight without depriving yourself.

My approach to weight loss is holistic and lifestyle orientated. There are no forbidden foods and every day is a fresh start. The changes you make during your weightloss coaching are intended to be long-term, to provide you with the best start at regaining your health and reaching and maintaining your goal weight.

Weight loss coaching can be either taken as One-2-One sessions or in a group.

Group Coaching:

Group weight loss coaching with Flourish happens in small groups of 5-15 people at any one time. You can join the group at any point, though a minimum of 10 sessions is recommended, ideally taken consecutively. During the weekly sessions, I guide you through the steps of health goal setting, exploring past habits, challenges and barriers and collaboratively we design strategies to overcome them. Each week you will set your unique SMART goals to implement over the week ahead. These ensure you have the tools and the support to make gradual changes to your lifestyle that inch you closer to your health goal.

Group coaching happens in a warm, welcoming and judgement-free environment. You are welcome to share as much or as little of your weight loss experience as you’d like with other group members. I offer the option for weekly weigh-ins, but this is not compulsory nor encouraged.

If your interested in weight loss group coaching, please fill in the form below to express and interest  – I’d love to hear from you.