Sessions, Packages and Workshops

In addition to one-to-one health coaching sessions  I also offer coaching packages, which address specific health goals.

My coaching packages are both flexible and dynamic, and therefore cater for your unique lifestyle and health challenges. Each package follows a structured plan to ensure you make significant progress towards your overarching health goal.

If you need more support with any of my coaching packages, you can contact me via email and/or upgrade to one-to-one coaching sessions.

Current coaching packages:

 The Reboot – kickstart your health with this easy-to-follow 4-week package.

Go Gluten Free – This package walks you though going gluten-free in a healthy way. Perfect for IBS, IBD, thyroid disorder suffers and more.

COMING SOON! – Flourish weight loss group coaching

Ditch the fad diets and let me coach you to better health and weight loss that is SUSTAINABLE.  Let me guide you through diet and lifestyle changes that fit with your life and your body, so they stick for the long term. Absorb the information I provide you and  learn to love life again as a slimmer, healthier you.

Although this is a group coaching format, your journey to weight loss will be unique, private and confidential. You will have the option to discuss and learn from your fellow coachees, but it is up to you what you share with the group, if at all!

I promise:

  • No calorie counting
  • No banned foods
  • No public weighing – no weighing at all if you like!
  • No measuring

Just good honest sharing, collaborative, kind, compassionate, judgement-free coaching.

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Do you feel like you may benefit from aspects of several of these packages, or want something different?  No problem. Get in touch for a Discovery Session and we can talk about your health concerns and how best you can achieve your goals!

Remember, all my coaching is bespoke (yes, even the packages!) and I coach face to face, over the phone and via Skype. So take control of your health now! Email me