As your qualified Nutrition and Health Coach, I support you in realising your health goals and provide information and tools to help you achieve them.

Everyone is different, and so everyone’s coaching experience will be unique.

As your coach, I will dedicate my time, thoughts and energy to you during our sessions, in a non-judgemental and relaxed manner. I will provide you with space, support and encouragement for you to reconnect with your body, identify your long-term health vision and discover obstacles that have prevented you from reaching it before now.

Collaboratively we will develop attainable health goals and design innovative strategies to enable you to reach those goals with confidence and clarity.

As a scientist, any information I provide, or base strategies on, is always founded in peer-reviewed scientific and/or medical literature.  My methods, while being mindful and dynamic, are also structured so that we can measure your achievements!.

If you think health coaching might be for you then give me a call on 01822 855474 or send me an email

Together we will discover the foods and lifestyle that is right for you


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