5 reasons to be eco-friendly (apart from saving the planet)

I have always been aware of my impact on the environment and have tried to minimise it, but it’s all too easy to become complacent – to get caught up in consumerism and to find excuses for our poor choices.

Being eco-friendly can seem like and up-hill battle – remembering our reusable shopping bags, rinsing out the cans for recycling, car sharing and spending money on more sustainable choices.

Plus, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the impacts of our daily decisions, particularly if there is no immediate personal cost. We don’t see the result of our activities – “out of sight out of mind”.

 So, apart from saving the environment, is it worth the time and the effort to be eco-friendly?   In my opinion? YES.

5 reasons to be eco-friendly (apart from saving the environment): 

  1. Save money: You can slowly but surely save a considerable amount of money by making sensible eco-friendly changes. Simply turning off electrical appliances when not in use, turning the tap off while your brushing your teeth and putting lids on saucepans while you’re cooking will all save you money. Further to those energy and money saving tips, making sustainable choices daily will also save you money, for example investing in LED bulbs, buying second hand furniture, starting a vegetable patch.
  2. Reduce chemical exposure: Exposure to chemicals is thought to be contributing to the rise in Cancer prevalence, endocrine disorders and fertility problems. Many chemicals used routinely in homes, like those in cleaning products, haven’t been safety tested (see REACH) – so their effects on our health are unknown. Replacing my cosmetics and cleaning products with natural, more eco-friendly, choices was a big factor in my recovery from CFS. Here are the chemical-free products I use now.
  3. Get moving: Choosing to walk or ride a bike rather than getting in your car will increase your incidental physical activity and have a positive impact on your health!
  4. Help your local economy: Buying local food and produce supports independent farmers and small businesses while reducing your carbon footprint and connecting you with your community.
  5. Boost your health: Eating fresh, wholesome, local and seasonal foods will keep you connected with your environment while providing you with the best nourishment – no need for all that processed, additive-riddled food from the supermarket!


Making a Change

It’s hard to make changes, and it’s even harder to be the exception – to battle consumerism! But it is worth it and it is possible to make a significant difference with just a few small changes.

Start small and set yourself 2 -3 changes/goals and actions to implement this week. For example:

Goal 1. To take shopping bags to the supermarket. Action strategy: Leave some bags in the boot of your car.

Goal 2. To turn off electrical appliances at night. Action strategy: Walk through each room before bed and shut down every electrical item.

What ONE eco-friendly change are you going to make this week?

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