What to expect

To ensure my clients have the best opportunity to reach their health goals, I offer a dynamic range of coaching sessions, packages and workshops, each designed to provide the space, support and time for success.

A successful coaching experience requires dedication and perseverance by the client, including through uncomfortable transitions – in fact these are the most important. These significant turning points aren’t easy and usually appear 4-6 sessions in. To increase your chance of success, my coaching series and packages take this into account.

Free Discovery Session

If you are interested in a coaching series – looking at a unique health concern, or are unsure if a coaching package is the right thing for you, then get in touch to book you’re Discovery Session. The Discovery Session is a short chat, over the phone or via Skype, about why you have contacted me and how I may be able to help you.

At the end of the Discovery Session, we will discuss your best coaching option.

To book your Discovery Session, email me caroline@flourishwellness.co.uk or call 01822 855474 between 9-5:30pm Mon-Fri (GMT).

Your Bespoke Coaching Experience

Over the course of your sessions, package or workshop, I will help you to define your health vision – and really connect with it. Together we will explore aspects of your life and dietary habits that could be altered and lead to positive change. We will discover your motivators and your barriers. I will provide sound information and together we will devise strategies for change and overcoming challenges.

We will keep track of all your achievements and milestones – because there will be lots, and that’s exciting and motivating!

At the end of your Coaching Series, you will have made significant progress towards achieving your health goal, or reached your goal, and can continue on a session-by-session basis.

Your coaching experience will come to an end when you feel that it is the right time. This is likely to be when you are up and running with a range of changes and feel confident that you are heading straight for your goal. Other people may want to stick with me until their goal is definitely reached.


Coaching sessions are booked as a series of 6 or more one to one meetings that may be conducted in person, over the phone or via skype. Coaching sessions are ideal for people with more complex health goals than those targeted in the coaching packages, such as taking control of a chronic health issue.

Once you have committed to a series of coaching sessions you will receive a Welcome Pack with information, a coaching agreement and a few forms designed to help me tailor your sessions.

Coaching packages follow a set course and range in duration from 4 – 10 weeks. They may be taken in person or independently with email support. If you choose the latter you will receive your starter pack once you enrol, and each week the next set of guidelines, information and forms will be delivered straight to your inbox. These packages remain bespoke because the goals and strategies you decide to implement each week will be completely unique. I will be in touch via email to help you through.

Coaching Workshops are one-off day-long events in a group coaching setting. There will be an emphasis on creating a welcoming, non-judgemental and secure place within which to work as a group. With my guidance, each participant will explore their unique reasons for being there, define their longterm health vision and establish goals and strategies for achieving it. It is up to the individual how private or vocal they wish to be regarding their health and their goals.


While you are my client, between sessions I will support you on your health journey via email, Facebook, phone or Skype – whichever is best for you.

Get in touch HERE to Book a Discovery Session and discuss which Coaching Series may be most appropriate for you.