Why I’m going dry for January

I’ve made the decision to quit alcohol for January. This seems rather drastic, particularly as, in general, I believe that most things are fine in moderation. However, In the run up to, and over, Christmas I had an extra glass of wine here and a festive drink there. It’s all well and good to have a social drink every no and then, but it can easily become more. Plus, I haven’t always been able to tolerate alcohol – I’d get stabbing pains in my stomach within minutes of it passing my lips and a hangover like no other!

Even though I can tolerate alcohol now, I know that it’s easy for a drink to become habit rather than a treat or a celebration. From that point, the quantity easily creeps up.

I’m using Dry January as a way to create a clean slate and give my health a boost. Here are some of the things going Dry of January could do for you:

  1. Help with weight loss – our body can use alcohol for energy, so it adds to our total calorie intake. We also tend to overeat when we have had something to drink!
  2. Improve your sleep – many people have a drink to relax before bed, but even a small amount of alcohol disrupts our sleep patterns and makes us more wakeful. This leaves us tired and less able to concentrate the next day – and more likely to drink again.
  3. Improve general health and lowered risk factors – A few years ago, the staff of New Scientist abstained from alcohol for 5 weeks (study synopsis found here). Quitting for 5 weeks caused decreases in cholesterol and blood glucose, reducing risks of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They also saw an average of 15% decrease in liver fat, which is the prelude to liver damage and weight loss.

Are you in? It’s not too late to start! Check out my Facebook page for yummy alternatives


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