Goals for 2016

Happy New Year! 

Have you made New Year’s resolutions?  Really make them stick by turning them into goals with a plan of how you aim to achieve them.

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I’ve listed a few of my goals here:

  1. Boost my health:
  • By doing the FREE email series “31 Days to a New You” along side you – Sign up for FREE HERE.  Tea peppermint
  • Going alcohol free for January, want to join me? Follow me on Facebook for support, to monitor my progress and to get hints & tips.
  • Extending my mindful practice by planning my evenings (preparing dinner early and the kids to bed on time!) to ensure I have ample time for yoga before bed.
  1. Be more environmentally friendly:
  • Stop buying disposable nappies – we have some beautiful re-usable ones. I need to get the family onboard here!
  • Get rid of my chemical cleaners by using my eco-friendly cleaning cloths, towels and mop, which don’t require any cleaning products – they are amazing and have just started being sold in the UK! Email me caroline@flourishwellness.co.uk for more information
  • Converting all our light bulbs to LEDs by buying one LED light bulb a month.
  1. Help others regain their health
  • This starts with my family. Getting everyone well rested and well fed by getting back into a daily routine after the Christmas madness and planning the week’s meals (so I remember to soak nuts and pulses the day before I need them!).
  • I will also help others by being their nutrition and wellness coach through Flourish Wellness. I will do this to the best of my ability by ensuring I am prepared, energised and mindful – being present, non-judgemental and engaged – during each session.

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Do you resolve to be healthier this year? Want to make sure you stick to it? Contact me for a no obligation chat on how I can help you.




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